Dread, happiness or complacency… how do men feel before making their marriage proposals? Marriage is a probably the most important step for a man to take and I argue it would be all of the above with a seed of doubt as well. BUT, this website is about the perfect engagement story, so I assume she is the right woman and you are now deciding how and when to make the marriage proposal.

If you are a woman, you need to give confidence that you would say yes and even hint on the aspect of marriage.

If you are a man, you should think about doing some of things mentioned below.

asking for her hand

When to Propose Marriage

Bachelorhood to Marriage – Emotionally

Marriage is supposed to last a lifetime. If you are still planning on partying every weekend and she just wants to stay home after getting married, maybe it isn’t the right time to propose. She could still want to party as well, so this works both ways.

Are you mentally prepared to start your new life? I am in the beginning stages of this journey myself, but I have had more than enough friends tell me that marriage is difficult during the first few months.

Marriage = New Responsibilities – Financially

A woman wants to know that she will be taken care of. There is a huge step in responsibilities after getting engaged and some of these costs come shortly after the marriage proposals. Marriage, in return, adds stability and will also lead to financial benefits as well like shared housing, lower utilities and others.

Before the Proposals, Marriage Questions

Ask her Parents – You would usually ask the father for permission, but sometimes it is the mother who is calling all the shots! Although this is usually courtesy, if you haven’t always gotten along with her family, be prepared. Be able to answer why you should be given their blessing and how you are ready to be her husband.

Your Family and Inner Circle – Although you don’t need their permission (you are a grown man), it is nice to have support from your family. Your friends and family can also help you brainstorm some ideas on where to propose and can also help you determine if you are in fact ready to start this new chaper of your life. Someone in your family may also know a jeweller or diamond broker. The last thing you want is to spend a couple thousand dollars proposing with a bad quality diamond.

Don’t Ask Her Friends – This is debatable. So unless you are 100% certain her friends won’t say a word, I wouldn’t risk ruining the surprise by asking them for tips on the marriage proposal. You will have to do your own leg work if you plan buying the ring ahead of time and to determine if she is ready yourself.