diamond rings

Rings have been worn throughout history on hands both famous and not, from Cleopatra to Jlo, by our mother and yours, my wife and your aunt. As visible body adornments, they are a token of affection, a symbol of enduring commitment. Rings are the perfect expression of “forever” as they have no beginning or end and signify union and oneness.

With all of this implied, rings have been used throughout history to confer authority, seal pacts, unite people, heal sickness, prevent ill luck, foretell the future and announce status. But as expressions of one’s affection for another, rings are truly special.

Rings have a unique value and hold a special place in our hearts, carrying with them a hint of their ancient symbolism and powerful emotion. The circle of the ring represents wholeness, life, love and eternity all at the same time. Engagement rings and wedding bands are the ultimate symbol of unbroken promise, endless love and lasting commitment.

With such a heavy responsibility laid upon them, to convey this precise message and to do it in a style to evoke the deepest feeling, an engagement ring, wedding or anniversary band must reflect both the giver and the wearer….but how to choose that perfect expression?

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A Word About Metals

Today you can find fine quality rings made of 14K and 18K gold (this article explains the various types of gold in detail), in white, yellow and rose hues or even dual tones, stunning platinum, and even alternate metals such as titanium and tungsten. Silver is not a good choice as it is soft and not very durable for a fine ring of the type we are discussing here.

Once again, if you think about the person who will wear it you will get some clue as to which metal and color might be right. For example, if she wears mostly one metal type in her present jewelry, chances are that is her preference. If she favors bright colors and clothing with a flair, yellow gold is a good choice.

If she leans more toward subtle or pastel colors or black in clothing, think white gold or even platinum. And don’t be misguided if she loves jeans or even flannel shirts. Today it is quite fashionable to showcase some very elegant jewelry while decked out in some clothing styles that 20 years ago might have been in burn bags.

And what about space-age metals that not long ago were found only in airplanes and space shuttles? Some gorgeous rings are today being fashioned in titanium and tungsten for those who dare to be really different even while observing some centuries old traditions. Don’t overlook these possibilities if it provides the right answer for the right woman.