wedding preparations

Research has consistently supported the benefits of premarital counseling and preparation. Participating in a marriage education program can enhance communication and connection, reduce negative interaction patterns, increase relationship satisfaction, and lower the risk of divorce.

Additionally, it can decrease the stress and pressure that often come with planning a wedding. Understanding all that, why wouldn’t you spend your engagement preparing for marriage?

While there are many programs to choose from, Prepare Enrich stands out as the leading relationship inventory and assessment tool. It is scientifically validated, easy-to-use, and tailored to each couple’s relationship stage and family structure. It also covers a wide variety of areas including:

•Relationship strengths
•Current stressors
•Communication and conflict styles
•Sexual expectations
•Family & friends
•Relationship roles
•Personality types
•Spiritual beliefs
•Marriage & parenting expectations
•Family of origin

As a trained facilitator of the Prepare Enrich program, I guide the couple through the online assessment (taken by each partner separately), interpret the results, and provide feedback in a series of 4-6 sessions.

A typical four session package will include:

•Initial meeting

Introduction of couple & facilitator
Explanation of & instructions for the inventory
Preliminary assessment

•Online inventory

•Review of results by facilitator

•Feedback session no. 1

Explanation & discussion of Couple Report
Focus on couple’s strengths & growth areas
Family history assignment

•Feedback session no. 2

Discussion of family map & family histories
Personalities assignment

•Feedback session no. 3

Discussion of personality assessment
Exploration of growth areas
Growth area assignments

•Feedback session no. 4

Discussion of expectations
Engagement preparation
Questions, comments, & feedback

Please contact me to discuss packages and pricing. A sliding fee scale is offered and is based on the couple’s combined monthly salary and expenses.